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HumanEyes will soon launch a VR-hosting cloud platform
Videomaker 30 Oct 2019
Humaneyes Vuze XR hands-on review: a flexible camera for the cutting edge
Videomaker 28 Oct 2019
Vuze XR Dual VR camera review: Multi-dimensional fun
Android Authority 18 Jul 2019
Vuze XR review: 360 VR or 3D, you choose – this quirky camera does both!
Digital camera world 1 Jun 2019
Review: The Vuze XR handheld camera makes it dead simple to create VR videos
THE NEXT WEB 26 May 2019
Shoot to Thrill: The Best New Action Cams for Every Adventure
MEN'S JOURNAL 1 May 2019
HumanEyes Vuze XR review
techradar 26 Apr 2019
NTT DoCoMo adds new companies to 5G trial
NTT DoCoMo 27 Mar 2019
Vuze XR Review
Trusted Reviews 22 Mar 2019
The awesome Vuze XR Dual VR Camera is now available
Bless this stuff 25 Feb 2019
Six More Trends That Stood Out at CES 2019
PCMAG 4 Feb 2019
5.7K 360 Vuze XR Dual VR camera is the Best 360 Camera of CES 2019
Videomaker 10 Jan 2019
WIRED 5 Jan 2019
Vuze XR is a versatile 360-degree camera on steroids [hands-on]
Phone Arena 5 Jan 2019
CES 2019: HumanEyes Technologies powers Vuze, world's first 5.7K VR camera
TechRepublic 7 Jan 2019
Vuze XR 360 and 3D Camera Preview
Forbes 7 Dec 2018
180度と360度切替可能なカメラ「Vuze XR」予約開始 約5.7万円
MoguraVR 16 Oct 2018
HumanEyes Technologies Launches The 5.7K Vuze XR Camera
Best Action Cameras 2018: top 7 cameras to capture life’s adventures
Trusted Reviews 15 Oct 2018
HumanEyes' 5.7K Vuze XR Camera Supports 360- and 180-Degree Video
Tom's hardware 25 Sep 2018
The Best 3D 360 Camera Value Available Today, the Vuze+ 3D 360 Camera
student filmmakers 10 Aug 2018
The HumanEyes Vuze XR shoots both 360° and 180° (3D) video
Digital Photography Review 19 Jul 2018
Humaneyes Technologies debuts the Vuze XR, a dual camera that captures 360° and VR180 imagery
Venture Beat 19 Jul 2018
Best of both VR worlds
360 Rumors 19 Jul 2018
How VR and Audio Products Came to Intersect at NAB 2018
NoFilmSchool 2 May 2018
Check Out The New Bundle Price For The Vuze VR Underwater Camera & Case
Deeper Blue 2 May 2018
HumanEyes Reveal New Underwater Case For Vuze VR Cameras
VR Focus 29 Apr 2018
Vuze: now the most affordable waterproof 3D 360 camera for underwater 360 videos
360 Rumors 27 Apr 2018
A new 3D, 360-degree video of the International Space Station has been revealed that will leave you spellbound
TeCake 21 Apr 2018
Tour the Space Station in VR with This Amazing 3D, 360-Degree Video 19 Apr 2018
Exclusive: How We Made the First 3-D Virtual Reality Video in Space
National Geographic 16 Apr 2018
VR Gets Schooled
vrfocus 29 Jan 2018
Watching CES Fireworks With HTC Viveport President Rikard Steiber
Forbes 26 Jan 2018
Vuze at Trusted Reviews
Trusted Reviews 26 Jan 2018
Live-stream in real 4K virtual reality with the new Vuze+ prosumer camera
Gatget Rio 9 Jan 2018
CES 2018: New Vuze+ VR camera offers 4K live streaming for $1200
Immersive Shooter 9 Jan 2018
Vuze+ Is The New High-End VR Camera From Humaneyes – CES 2018
Android Headlines 9 Jan 2018
Humaneyes Vuze+ Is a 3D 360 Camera For 'Prosumers'
Toms Hardware 9 Jan 2018
Live-stream in real 4K virtual reality with the new Vuze+ prosumer camera
Digital Trends 9 Jan 2018
The National Geographic Channel Just Sent a VR Camera Into Space 14 Nov 2017
NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 12 December 2017 - Dragon Launch Moved to Friday
SPACEREF 13 Dec 2017
The 3 Best NEW 4K 360 Cams for Making VR Videos
dailytekk 21 Aug 2017
Humaneyes Announces Underwater Case for Vuze VR Camera
Vuze VR camera will soon support Macs, livestreaming, and underwater filming
Venture Beat 31 Aug 2017
A Well-Rounded Look at Selling 360º/VR Cameras
Digital Imaging Reporter 8 May 2017
How to pick the right camera for 360 video
Mashable 23 Apr 2017
Vuze - The World's First Consumer 3D 360° Virtual Reality Camera
Geeky Stuffs 13 Apr 2017
SXSW 2017 Highlights
Useful Usability 28 Mar 2017
A Guide To The Best 360 Cameras Your Money Can Buy
VR Focus 21 Mar 2017
Vuze Is A 360 3D Camera Designed To Bring Quality VR Video To Anyone, Now Shipping
Upload VR 15 Mar 2017
Vuze VR 3D, 360-Degree Camera Now Available
TomsHardware 15 Mar 2017
Humaneyes’ $799 consumer-focused Vuze VR camera finally starts shipping
Venturebeat 15 Mar 2017
Humaneyes Releases Vuze Virtual Reality Camera to the Public at South By Southwest 15 Mar 2017
Vuze VR prosumer camera now shipping to customers
VR Focus 15 Mar 2017
Automated Rendering VR Camera Launches
The Virtual 15 Mar 2017
Vuze 3D 360 camera - unboxing and first impressions of the first affordable 3D 360 camera for consumers
3D Rumors 15 Mar 2017
Vuze Is A 360 3D Camera Designed To Bring Quality VR Video To Anyone, Now Shipping
Upload VR 15 Mar 2017
CES 2017 kicked off the year 360-degree and VR capture could hit the mass market
Extremetech 11 Jan 2017
Top Picks From CES 2017
Tech Connect 11 Jan 2017
CES 2017: In-depth look at the Vuze camera, the first affordable 3D 360 camera
360 Rumors 10 Jan 2017
Start Caring About VR And 360-Degree Video
Forbes 10 Jan 2017
Humaneyes Technologies simplifies VR content creation through partnerships with VisiSonics and WakingApp
Student Filmmakers 9 Jan 2017
Videomaker 7 Jan 2017
4K 360 degree Vuze Camera goes on sale this March for $800
Haptic 5 Jan 2017
Humaneyes Technologies Announces Release of Vuze Camera & Two New Partnerships
3D Print 5 Jan 2017
Vuze 360 Degree VR Camera Will Ship In March 2017
UberGizmo 5 Jan 2017
Vuze Is An $800 VR Camera Releasing In March With 3D Audio Support
UPLOAD 4 Jan 2017
Vuze VR Camera, Software Suite Bolstered By Content Creation Technology Partnerships
tom'sHARDWARE 3 Jan 2017
Vuze 3D 360 sample video in low light
360 Rumors 8 Dec 2016
Photo District News 20 Oct 2016
Vuze Manufacturer HumanEyes Technologies Appoints VR Veteran Jim Malcolm as North America General Manager
VR Focus 20 Oct 2016
HumanEyes Technologies shows off Vuze VR 360 degree 3D camera
Founditelsewhere 17 Oct 2016
CEO Shahar Bin-Nun über die VUZE 3D 360°-Kamera
intoVR 25 Sep 2016
Vuze 3D 360-degree VR Camera Hands-on Photos
Photography Blog 22 Sep 2016
Photokina 2016: 360 and VR Capture Roundup Video
Digital Photography Review 22 Sep 2016
Vuze VR is the video camera for making movies to 360°
Bit Feed 21 Sep 2016
Photokina 2016: World’s biggest photo and video fair
Hindustan Times 21 Sep 2016
HumanEyes Technologies shows off Vuze VR 360 degree 3D camera
Digital Photography Review 20 Sep 2016
Vuze VR camera aims to give you high-end 360 video for only $800
Mashable 24 May 2016
GoPro, HumanEyes Join Crowded Field With Slick New Virtual Reality Cameras
The Street 13 May 2016
This affordable 'point-and-shoot' camera could be the GoPro of virtual reality
Business Insider 12 May 2016
VUZE Turns Virtual Into A Consumer Reality With The World's First Affordable Consumer 3D 360 VR Camera Priced Just $799
PR Newswire 12 May 2016
Vuze taking pre-orders for consumer 3D VR camera, priced at $799
Yahoo! Sports 12 May 2016
VUZE Turns Virtual Into A Consumer Reality With The World's First Affordable Consumer 3D 360 VR Camera Priced Just $799
Yahoo! Finance 12 May 2016
5 awesome tech takeaways from SXSW 2016
USA TODAY 20 Mar 2016
New Cameras and Apps Drive Augmented and Virtual Reality
Electronic Design 10 Mar 2016
Vuze Camera
Slant 7 Mar 2016
The Headband That Prevents Headaches and Other Great New Gadgets
Bottom Line Personal 1 Mar 2016
Fooyok 25 Feb 2016
Street View your life: These are the 360-degree cameras coming for 2016
CNET 23 Feb 2016
VUZE Camera Promises to be First Affordable, Consumer 3D VR Option
Dealerscope 23 Feb 2016
Vuze, Câmera de realidade virtual em 360
CCM 14 Feb 2016
Vuze, caméra de réalité virtuelle en 360
Comment Camarche 13 Feb 2016
Caméras 360, la réalité virtuelle à portée de tous
Be Geek 11 Feb 2016
Gadget Of The Week: Vuze – The Easy-To-Use 3D VR Cam
VUZE: מצלמת התלת-ממד הישראלית שהרשימה ב-CES
Calcalist 21 Jan 2016
The 22 Coolest Gadgets We Saw at CES 2016
Techwalla 15 Jan 2016
Hands-on Preview: Vuze camera
PC &Tech Authority 14 Jan 2016
See the sights at CES that stopped show-goers in their tracks, all in 360-degree VR
Digital Trends 12 Jan 2016
Ubergizmo’s Best of CES 2016
UberGizmo 11 Jan 2016
Everyone wanted a piece of virtual reality at this year's CES
CNET 10 Jan 2016
Vuze camera hands-on review
Stuff 9 Jan 2016
Vuze is Aiming to Deliver Portable Virtual Reality Shooting for (Just) Under $1,000
Tech Times 9 Jan 2016
Hands On: Vuze 360-Degree Camera
Android Headlines 8 Jan 2016
The 12 most innovative things we saw at CES 2016
BGR 8 Jan 2016
VUZE Is The World’s First Affordable Consumer 360 3D VR Camera
Unique Hunters 8 Jan 2016
CES 2016: Vuze videocamera consumer 4K, 3D a 360°
MacityNet 8 Jan 2016
VUZE Camera is a portable 360-degree 3D VR camera aimed at average Joes
SlashGear 7 Jan 2016
VUZE Camera is an “Affordable” VR Movie Makers Dream
London PC Repairs 7 Jan 2016
Vuze virtual reality camera lets you capture your own 360-degree video
Mashable 6 Jan 2016
Vuze Virtual Reality Camera Shoots for $1,000 Price Point
Fortune 6 Jan 2016
Vuze is a 360 3D 4k Camera Aimed at ‘Soccer Moms’
Road to VR 6 Jan 2016
HumanEyes Technologies Creates Breakthrough Portable 360° 3D Vuze Camera
Azo Optics 6 Jan 2016
Don’t just watch VR, make it with the Vuze 360-degree point-and-shoot camera
Digital Trends 5 Jan 2016
Vuze camera shoots 3D VR video for under $1,000
Engadget 5 Jan 2016
HumanEyes' Vuze is a 4K, 3D, 360-degree consumer camera
PCWorld 5 Jan 2016
Booze bots, badass routers, high-flyin’ drones and more at CES
Cult of Mac 5 Jan 2016
Voor minder dan €1000 heb je je eigen virtual reality camera
Numrush 5 Jan 2016
Vuze, la caméra HD 360° pensée pour la réalité virtuelle
Aruco 5 Jan 2016
Vuze flying saucer camera shoots 3D VR footage
Gizmag 5 Jan 2016
3 Cool Things Before CES Even Starts
Light Reading 5 Jan 2016
HumanEyes' Consumer-Grade 'Vuze' 360-Degree VR Camera Package, Under $1,000
Tom's Hardware 5 Jan 2016
VR Focus 5 Jan 2016
VUZE Portable 360° 3D VR camera Launched at $1,000 with Adaptive Blending Feature
Phone Radar 5 Jan 2016
InGadget 5 Jan 2016
Cerebral Overload 5 Jan 2016
VUZE Camera is an “Affordable” VR Movie Makers Dream
Technabob 7 Jan 2016
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